Human Decor

Perhaps it’s been a really long day and you just want to come home, kick your shoes off, put your feet up, and relax. Now imagine you’re putting those tired feet up onto a willing person’s back or bottom. They’re happy, you’re happy, and now you’re engaging In fun kink that involves objectification and dehumanization. Now you might be like whoa that is a lot to take in. Objectification and dehumanization? Just sit back, relax, kick your feet up on a nice warm bottom, and let’s talk about Human Decor!

Forniphilla, Hurniture, Furniture Play – whatever you want to call it– it’s all ‘Human Decor’. Furniture play isn’t anything new, in fact, it’s been around for a very long time. Evidence of this has been noted from 1878 where a wooden chair is being held up by two “female” bodied people to 1970’s Alan Jones controversial sculptures of a human table, chair and hat stand. Fast forward to today and we see it in advertising, fetish and commercial photography.

This kind of play may sound fun and easy-going but it is also objectification and dehumanizing. As you turn a person into an object. they become non-human, and their only purpose is to serve our needs. Always keep this in mind and tread with care. With that being said never forget that consent is always required and this kind of play places a person in a very vulnerable position physically and emotionally, so never cross boundaries and please play safely and within your skill set.

Furniture play typically involves a person in some sort of bondage, that bondage can be ropes, restraints, or the mental bondage of not being able to move even an inch. The person is then incorporated into a piece of furniture or “decor” to be used at the Top’s discretion. The Top in the scene should be more experienced as this kind of play usually means the person is in a strenuous position for a period of time and requires regular check-in’s of their physical and mental well-being. These may also be predicament positions that may include things like candles, vibrators, sleeves, clips, etc.

As always proper negotiations should NEVER be skipped and should be had prior to this or ANY play. With this kind of play in particular make sure to ask about physical limitations and anybody soreness that they may be experiencing at the time so that you can adjust the scene accordingly. This would be A good time to get specific. Ask them how long they can hold certain positions, how long they handle being on their knees, squatting, how much weight that they can take on their shoulders or backs, any breathing issues, and anything you can think of that may pertain to the scene in particular that you both are negotiating and curating together.

Now that we’ve gone over what furniture play is, how it’s been around a while and some negotiation tips, let’s delve into some ideas to get you started.

Let’s start with something everybody needs a table. Perhaps you need to set down your bag, a toy, your coffee… wouldn’t a table be nice right about now? Let’s discuss a few different ways to create human tables. 

The first would have your person bent over on all fours with a straight back. Simple enough right? This could also be a very good seat if you were tired. Now this is why we need to know how if they have any knee issues and how much weight they can handle on their back. 

The second option would have the person in the same position just on their back, at this point you can get a table top (you can use a chess/checkers board in a pinch) and place it on their forearms and shins. Now you could set down those toys. 

Another way would find the person on their back again with their knees to their chest and their feet straight so that you may lay a table top on top of their feet. Now you can place your glass down.

Let’s move onto A human chair shall we? The first position here would have the person laying on their back with their knees their chest again this time you’d be using the back of their thighs as your seat in their calves as the back of your seat. 

Another fun position would find your person with their knees on the floor, bottom in the air,and their face and chest on the floor. Their arms should be stretched out in front of them. Now you’ve got a nice little tush to put yours on.

Those are just a couple ideas to get you started having some fun with furniture play. Other ideas could include:

  •  Ash tray: sitting back on their knees, hands on their thighs and mouth wide open
  • Clothes line: attach a string to any body part, attach that to a stable surface or person. 
  • A step stool: need I say more
  • A food platter: try laying down banana leaves to place the food on
  • Candle holder: So many options here

When all the play is over, and your decor is back to being a human, don’t forget the aftercare. During negotiations the bottom should have been asked what kind of after care they like after a scene. Dont ever be to wrapped up in the energy of your play that this gets overlooked. The bottom has placed trust in you and not providing much needed after care can cause feelings of abandonments and a negative sub drop. Don’t forget Tops need aftercare  too! So give yourself some care as well.

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